We love our bees.

Our Philosophy.

In Kiama, on the south coast of New South Wales this little bee family started with a single hive in the hope of helping increase the bee population. In the wind and amongst the coastal tea tree, native banksia and grevillea they flourished and produced an excess of beautiful floral honey that became our first harvest.

All of this went to friends, family and neighbours as we shared their amazing bounty. We now have hives all over Sydney and continue to bring you the finest raw, unprocessed honey. So from our family to your family we hope you enjoy the glorious bounty of our bees.
Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

Victor Hugo

Our Team.

Clinton Smith - King Bee
Bonnie Smith - Queen Bee
Mercia Smith - Queen Mother
Joshua Tierney - Prince Bee
Lindsay Smith - Busy Bee